What Is The Cost Of Gauged Earlobe Repair?

Q:  My 19 year old son has very large guaged ear lobes. I am told they are the largest people say they have ever seen. He has been living in Los Angeles and now realizes that he has made a mistake. He will be moving back home where I am living in the rural Midwest.. He is hoping to attend college and make a new start here. We are  looking for a plastic surgeon here and some information on what the cost may be. Thank you for the information provided here and any further info you could provide to us. I really appreciate it!

A: Thank you for your inquiry. I have seen all types of gauged earlobes, so they may be big, but that doesn’t change the ability to fix them. All he has done is make more earlobe tissue to work with. More earlobe tissue is always better than less. While putting the earlobes back together is a delicate and complex task, it is a lot easier when there is adequate tissue to manipulate. Thus, while gauged earlobes look bad they almost always havge an ample supply of skin. Please have him send some pictures to me of his earlobes for my assessment. As a general cost quote, reconstruction of gauged earlobes (both sides) done as an outpatient procedure, either under straight local or IV sedation, is around $3500.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana