What Is The Cost Of Forehead Reduction/Recontouring?

Q: Dr. Eppley, So I’m currently doing some research on different places where I can get a Forehead Reduction/Recontouring done. And I just wanted to ask what is the average cost. I understand that it depends on how I start off but if I could just get a rough estimate that would help a lot. I am an out of town patient. So what can I do if I were to come to your practice.

A:You are correct in that not knowing what needs to be done it is hard to provide an accurate cost of the surgery. Usually when a female uses the term ‘Forehead Reduction’ they are referring to a frontal hairline advancement. Then when the term ‘Forehead Recontouring’ is used, whether it is male or female, this typically refers to bony reduction. Thus when you use these two terms together this implies a combination frontal hairline advancement with bony reshaping. I will assume that is the procedures you need to achieve your aesthetic goals until told otherwise.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana