What Is The Cost Of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I want to know the cost of fat transfer breast augmentation procedure. (fat injection breast augmentation) What is the time needed for prepping before surgery with the Brava bra? How long does the procedure take? Will there be any scarring?

A: Thank you for your inquiry. The first place to start in this type of breast augmentation is to determine whether you are a good candidate or not. There are many more variables in fat injection breast augmentation than in breast implant augmentation in determining a successful outcome. When using a breast implant, the final volume is assured regardless of the overlying breast soft tissues as the implant is firmer than they are and it provides a good push outward. Also whatever implant volume is placed will remain no matter the healing process and how the body responds to it. Picking a target volume is also assured although what implant creates the desired breast look is still as much art as it is science.

Fat injection breast augmentation is a completely different animal in  which achieving even a modest permanent breast size change depends on numerous factors. The key ones are how much fat you have to harvest, how much natural breast tissue you have, the tightness/looseness of the overlying breast mound, and what your breast size expectations are. There is also the unknown variables of how well the fat will survive, does one need multiple fat grafting sessions and is the use of the Brava device absolutely necessary. Lastly there is the expectation level of the patient and are they prepared to accept these unknown and costs that will substantially exceed what breast implant surgery costs.

To help you make this determination I will need to evaluate you. This can be done by sending pictures and height and weight numbers or come into the office for a more thorough one on one discussion.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana