What Is The Cost Of Chin Narrowing, Fat Injections to the Forehead and Forehead Reduction?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Where do you do surgery? What are the facility fees? What would the price be to narrow or burr the chin just at the bottom edges to make it look less square? Also, I have a flat forehead in the center with prominent eyebrow muscle, which makes the flat forehead area look flatter. How wold you fill in the flat forehead or the center of the forehead in a female? Fat injections? What would the price be?
And can you shorten the forehead skull if the hairline is a little high?

A: In answer to your questions:

1) My cosmetic surgeries are done in a private outpatient cosmetic surgery center. The operating room and anesthesia fees are based on the time that it takes to perform the procedure(s). That must be determined on an individual patient and the specific procedures they are having.

2) Narrowing the chin is done by intraoral ostectomies or removing the sides of the chin through a reciprocating saw technique.

3) A flat glabellar area can be built up by a variety of techniques with fat injections being the simplest to perform.

4) If one’s frontal hairline is too high, its length is not going to be lowered by reducing the height of the skull as that amount of skull height reduction can not be done. Shortening the long forehead is done by a procedure known as scalp or frontal hairline advancement.

I will need to first review some pictures of your face to see exactly what needs to be done before the costs of the procedures can be provided.

Dr. Barry Eppley