What is The Cost of Chin And Jaw Angle Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, how much do jaw implants cost roughly? If someone already has a decent jawline but would like to enhance it would that cost be less as opposed to someone who needs a lot of work done?

A: The main difference between the cost of jaw implants, and I will assume you mean combined chin and jaw angle implants, is whether off-the-shelf implants can be used or whether custom ones have to be designed and made. Since you already have a decent jawline and ‘only need a little work’, I will assume standard chin and jaw angle implants can be successfully used. There are differences in these types of implants and the materials from which they are made and this also affects cost. But I will make the assumption that silicone chin and jaw angle implants can be used. Using those inmplants, the total cost of chin and jaw angle augmentation would be around $ 6500.

Dr. Barry Eppley