What Is The Cost Of Breast Augmentation On The Patriot Plastic Surgery Program?

Q: Dr Eppley I am currently in Iraq and my wife and I have been researching breast augmentation for her upon my return. She has had two children over 4 years and, as a result, has since lost much of her perkiness. She is currently 32 yrs old  and is 5′ 3″ and weighs 124lbs and is a 34C. She wanting to go to a 34DD. We are currently stationed in Texas. We do not mind traveling if the price is right. If you could let me know the prices and also how long we would have to stay. We want the procedure to be done this summer but we could also wait until fall when I am on leave.

A: Thank you for your inquiry. I will have my assistant pass along the costs for breast augmentation through our Patriot Plastic Surgery program. In general, the cost is about 20% less that that of the average cost of the procedure. Several important questions to know is whether she prefers saline vs silicone implants as that has a major influence on costs of the procedure. (up to 20% in cost differential) Also with C cup breasts, having two children and having lost her perkiness, does she have any significant ptosis? (breast sagging) If she does, implants alone will not lift a breast up or move the nipples upward. Implants add volume and will only make the way her breasts look now bigger.regards. So the potential issue of a some form of breast lift may be needed although it is impossible for me to say without at least seeing some pictures of her.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana