What Is The Cost Of An Acrylic Frontal Cranioplasty?

Q: Do you do forehead augmentation to make a flat forehead rounder using PMMA? If so how much does this cost and how is it done?

A: Forehead augmentation can be done with a variety of materials. The use of PMMA (acrylic) is historic for forehead augmentation and offers the most economical approach for the procedure. It generally costs in the range of $8500 to $9500, all surgical costs included.

 Forehead augmentation with PMMA requires it to be done through an open scalp approach due to the working characteristics of the material.

 There is a technique for forehead augmentation using Kryptonite Bone Cement which can be done through an injectable approach using very small incisions. Its cost is higher than that of a PMMA frontal cranioplasty. 

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana