What Is The Cost of A Tummy Tuck?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in more information on tummy tucks and mommy make-overs for my wife. I think she looks fine, but it would make her feel better about herself if she had a procedure done. So I am taking the first step for her. Please send us more information on the matter and costs. Thank you.

A: The term Mommy Makeover usually refers to a combination breast reshaping and tummy tuck procedure. You have only mentioned a tummy tuck so I am not sure if you mean a breast procedure as well. Knowing whether it is one or both procedures will have an obvious impact on the cost. If you can clarify that issue for me that would be helpful in answering your questions.

In addition, tummy tucks come in two basic varieties in being a more limited or full tummy tuck. Many tummy tucks, regardless of the type, may also include liposuction of the flanks to get a better effect around the waistline into the back. Where your wife falls in regards to these tummy tuck options would be helped be either seeing a picture of tummy or an actual in-office consultation. But for the sake of providing some price information, I will have my assistant forward you a cost quote for a full tummy tuck with flank liposuction so at least you can see the maximal cost that it would be.

Dr. Barry Eppley