What Is The Cost Of A Facelift?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My question is the one to which every patient needs an answer and most doctors hesitate to give: cost. I need to know as funds are limited. Its nasal labial and marionette lines, plus overall tightening of sag and increasing luminosity of skin. Thanks. I’ve been reading about Bellafill and other flllers, but they are costly and may have unpredictable and very short lasting outcomes considering cost. Thanks. P.S. At some point, maybe they’ll make some implantable bone to restore lost bone volume in faces. That and a fat transfer may do nicely then. Anyway, can you give me and idea of your facelift cost – spec. marionette and NL folds.

A:I have no hesitation about giving costs as long as I know exactly what one is being quoted for. In facelift surgery there are three different types which vary in extent and cost and that choice is based on the patient’s anatomic needs. Not knowing your exact needs makes it a guess but I have no problem doing so, I will have my assistant Camille pass along what I would guess is the type of facelift you need. Beyond that I can make the following two comments:

1) While a lower facelift can improve marionette lines, its effects on the nasiolabial folds is limited to the lower end of that fold.

2) A facelift should be be confused with other forms of facial voluminization procedures such as injectable fillers, fat or even injectable bone substitutes. Their resultant aesthetic effects are not comparable and are used for different indications.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana