What Is The BestWay To Get Rid Of My Abdominal Overhang?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hello! I was hoping for a little insight on my overhang. I am a mom of four with the most recent two being twins. I am struggling so bad with body image after these two and battling yeast infections off and on (mainly during my monthly cycle when I seem to be way more hot). Clearly I am not in a super healthy weight range and have always struggled with weight but I have never had the overhang to go with it. Just wanted to see what my options were at this point. 


A:There are two options for you at this point: 1) do an immediate panniculectomy/tummy tuck to get symptomatic relief and an immediate body shape improvement even though this will not produce the best result at your current weight or 2) lose some weight and then do the surgery which will allow for the best result but also prolongs the your current symptoms. You are really in the gray zone for this choice as if you were at a lower weight you would just go ahead and do the surgery vs if you weighed more you would have to lose some weight first.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana