What Is The Best Way To Vertically Lengthen My Chin?

Q:  Hello, my problem is that I have a lower anterior face height deficiency. Because of that my total face looks very small. First I didn’t know what the problem was. After examining my face very well I came to see that the lower anterior face height is very small. I have a very little chin and small jawline. I have read your article entitled ‘Case Study: Vertical Jawline Lengthening for a Short Lower Face’, and I think I have the same problem as this girl that is mentioned in the article but a bit worse than that. I have attached some pictures of my face so that you can take a closer look. When I look at the photos I think my lower anterior face height should be longer. Can I do this with a chin and a jaw implant or some kind of other implants? Because I’m not sure what kind of implants the girl in the article had. I think I have the same problem as her but more extreme. I would like to know your professional opinion. I went to a local plastic surgeon but they didn’t understand what I mean or maybe they just don’t have the techniques. They kept saying my chin had the right position. (apart from that  my chin). Because my lower anterior height is small my forehead looks a bit big. But it is a normal size forehead, it’s just compared to the lower face it looks big. So I think my face needs to be lengthened vertically and a bit horizontal at the jaw (because when it is only vertically lengthened my face will look long, because I don’t have a wide face). I hope you see what I’m trying to say because I know something is not right.

A: I can see perfectly what your facial concerns are and you have stated them quite accurately. Your lower facial height is proportionately short compared to the upper two-thirds of your face. Your chin needs to be vertically lengthened by 7mms and horizontally advanced 5mms. That can not be done with an implant but requires an osteotomy. There is where the chin bone (not the main jaw bone) is cut and moved down and forward. It is held into its new position by a small plate and screws as it heals. This is done from inside your mouth through a small incision in the vestibule below your front teeth. This is a common chin surgery that I regularly perform which is highly successful at improving your lower facial lengthening.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana