What Is The Best Way To Treat The Lipomas In Familial Lipomatosis?

Q: I am 24 years old and have familial multiple lipomatosis as my father has it. I have multiple lipomas (relatively small) in arms, trunk and thighs and some of them cause me pain. Looking for excision of the lipomas which number about a dozen. I don’t know who exactly to go to or what to do. I’d appreciate it.

A: While many people have single or isolated lipomas, a few patients will have many more than one and lipomas that continue to occur over their lifetime. This is a condition known as familial lipomatosis. No one understands why it occurs or what causes it. Since there is no definitive cure for this recurrent problem, it is usually best to wait until there are enough symptomatic (painful) ones that justify surgical removal. There is an injectable treatment which is best reserved for those that are smaller and not near any important structures such as nerves. Injecting can help suppress their growth and may for some small lipomas be curative of them. Otherwise, intermittant excision will be needed as their numbers and size dictate.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana