What Is The Best Way To Select Implant Size In Breast Augmentation?

Q:  I am interested in getting breast augmentation but am confused about what size of implant I should get. I am 5’ 4’ and weight 115 lbs with a small A cup and I mean really small. I wear a 32A bra. I want to be a small to medium C cup but don’t want to look like I obviously have breast implants or a look like some entertainer. What is the best way to go about selecting the size of the breast implant that looks best on me?

A: For any woman undergoing breast augmentation, size is the number one issue they understandably think the most about. Plastic surgeons have numerous methods of how they size patients and there is no uniform method for doing so. The ‘safest’ method of breast implant sizing is matching the base diameter of one’s breast to the base diameter of an implant. Each size of breast implant has an increasing base diameter as the size or volume of the implant gets bigger. With this approach there is no fear of the implant being too far to the side (in the way of the swing of the arm) as it is matched to one’s natural breast dimensions. There is also no fear that the implant will ever be too big. Conversely it is more likely that for some women the final result may not be big enough with width dimension alone so it shouldn’t be the only criteria used. But it is the one that can  be specifically measured and is unique to each patient.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana