What Is The Best Way To Reshape My Chin?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I have been trying to figure out certain things about chin surgery. I have asked a couple of Plastic Surgeons about what is the difference between chin filling with injectable fillers and chin implants? Will either give you the same type results? Also, I would like to have a more pointed chin like that of the feminine version. Which procedure would give me this look, a chin shaving or chin implants?

A:  The use of injectable fillers vs an actual implant in the chin creates very different effects. One should not be confused with the other in terms of outcomes obtainable. Injectable fillers create small changes in chin projection and shape that are temporary. Implants create large amounts of chin projection and shapes that are permanent. The only role for injectable fillers in the chin in my practice is a test for some patients who are uncertain about proceeding with the placement of a permanent implant.

As to the best method of creating a more feminine pointed chin, that would depend on whether you are happy with your current chin projection both vertically and horizontally. If the present chin position is satisfactory, then it can be reshaped by lateral ostectomies through an intraoral approach . If the chin position is deficient in any dimension then a chin implant can be used to improve projection as well as shape. To obtain a pointy chin with an implant, a central button style should be used.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana