What Is The Best Way To Remove A Forehead Osteoma?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in a forehead osteoma removal. I have a bump inthe dead center of my forehead that I would like removed. It sticks out like aore thumb and is very visible and bothersome to me. I have attaches several pictures to show you where it is.

A: It is hard to say based on this picture whether your forehead bump is an osteoma or a natural frontal bone contour. That distinction is critically important as it affects the surgical technique to remove it. An osteoma is a bone growth that develops over time and looks very much like a flattened mushroom sitting on top of the bone. Because of its shape,it can be fairly easily removed by an osteotome (chisel) from a remote incision in the scalp. (endoscopic technique) In essence, it is just swiftly chiseled off of the bone. Conversely, a forehead bump that is just a natural part of the frontal bone has to be taken down by a handpiece and burr. This is much more technically challenging from an equipment standpoint when trying to that with an endoscopic scalp approach. (particularly given that it is way down in the center of his forehead.

The history of the bump goes a long way in defining what it may be. A natural frontal bone contour/bump will have been there since he was born or very young. An osteoma often appears later in life often after a traumatic event.

By feel, they also can have a different feel to them. Some osteomas almost feel like there is a ‘lip’ at the edge. While a natural born bump will feel smooth with no palpable edge or lip.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana