What Is The Best Way To Remove A Cyst From My Forehead Without A Prominent Scar Or Leaving an Indentation?

Q: I have a cyst like lump right in between the eyebrow. In stead of cutting the cyst off with the knife vertical to the skin, is it possible to make a cut right underneath the frown lines and slice the lump off from the cut? Is it possible to transfer some fat to that area if the area is dented after the lump is sliced off?

A: Those are two very good insights into how to remove your forehead (glabellar) cyst while leaving the most aesthetic outcome. Using a close wrinkle or frown line would be preferable to making an incision directly over the cyst. That would make for a far better scar. Even if the scar turned out less than ideal, it is more favorable area in which to perform scar revision. It may also be possible to remove it by an endoscopic technique, although I would have to see pictures of it to be sure that is a possibility.

Also, placing a fat graft at the time of a facial cyst removal is almost a standard technique that I do since indentations may follow later due to a mass removal effect. An indentation may now appear initially, due to fluid fill of the cyst removal space, but will appear once that fluid is absorbed weeks to months after surgery. If the cyst is more than just the size of a pea, I would recommend that at the same time rather than waiting for it to appear later. It is just as simple to do it at the time of cyst excision.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana