What Is The Best Way To Put Volume Back In My Face?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had my buccal fat pads removed nearly fifteen years  ago at age 31 for some facial sculpting. Now that I am older, I look completely different. My face is very flat and not as attractive. What can I do to look like before? What are my choices for making my face now a little fuller?

A: As you have aged, your face likely has lost overall fat and the prior removal of the buccal fat pads has only accentuated this natural fat involution process. There are several options available to consider for facial volume restoration. The first approach is fat injections which focuses on replacing like with like. The only question is how much fat will survive after transplantation. This is an overall facial volume approach. The next approach is focal or spot treatment, just adding volume to the buccal or submalar area. This could dbe done with either submalar cheek implants or injectable fillers. The real value of injectable fillers in your case, in my opinion, is to be an initial test to determine if augmentation of this area is what you are looking for. It serves as a test to determine if more formal augmentation (implant) is worthwhile.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana