What Is The Best Way To Put In Saline Breast Implants?

Q: I am getting saline breast implants in the next several months. I am getting them because they are less expensive and the size of the cut to put them in is much smaller. What I want to know is where is the best place to put them through…my armpit, nipple, or under my breast in the crease?

A: One of the two advantages to saline breast augmentation, besides a lower cost, is that they can be inserted through very small incisions. Because they are put in deflated, they are rolled up to about the size of a small burrito. This enables them to pass through incisions as small as one inch or 2.5 cms. Once in place, they are the inflated to their desired size.

While all three incision locations will work (armpit, nipple, lower crease), choosing one of them is based on the patient’s preference for scar location and how soon they must return to work and what type of work they do. If one has darker skin color (e.g., Asian or Hispanic), they I would definite choose the armpit or axillary approach. This is because this puts the scar away from the breast and women of these ethnic backgrounds are very sensitive about any visible scarring. Conversely, if one needed to return to work quickly and their job involved lifting, then I would choose the lower breast crease. Becasue the entire pectoralis muscle does not need to be elevated (only the lower half is), one will have less pain and a quicker recovery due to the more limited muscle trauma.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana