What Is The Best Way To Make My Jaw Wider and More Prominent?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had submitted this question via the website, but never received a response so not sure you received it. I had a sliding genioplasty with you probably close to 2 years ago now. I am interested in further enhancing my jaw and chin. I know the sliding genioplasty was brought forward as much as possible, but I am looking at the possibility of a custom jaw/chin wraparound implant as I a.) want to move it even more forward and b.) want it to appear that the entire jaw has been augmented rather than just the chin. I also want to widen things as I think the sliding genioplasty makes me lower face appear much narrower. I wanted to find out how closely this could resemble my having jaw surgery (I do have a class II malocclusion, but jaw surgery would be more complicated in my case). By this approach, how much further forward could the chin/jaw be brought by an implant? I know it is a much more expensive approach than off the shelf implants, but they are not going to help me I don’t think due to my unique problems. If I sent you a current picture, could you demonstrate to me what this would look like from the front and side?

A: This is the first I have seen your question. To create a wider and more prominent entire jawline, you are correct in that some type of wrap around implant approach is needed. The question then becomes whether it is done best by off-the shelf-implants (square chin and lateral augmentation style jaw angle implants) would suffice or whether a custom chin and jaw angle implant approach is needed. I would need to see some pictures of you currently, do some imaging, and see exactly what type of changes would be satisfactory. Please send me a few pictures at your convenience.

Dr. Barry Eppley