What Is The Best Way To Lengthen My Chin?

Q: I have been attempting to learn the pros and cons of chin surgery. I really want my chin longer and want to know in your opinion if it would stretch my lower lip and expose too much of my lower teeth when I smile? In addition, if I had a chin implant could a widening chin implant be used to square my jaw and length it?

A:  Lengthening of the chin usually means increasing the vertical height of the bony chin. Some may use lengthening in terms of a horizontal increase or projection. I am assuming by your question that you mean a vertical increase. Whether the vertical height is increased by an osteotomy with an interpositional graft or an implant, neither approach will stretch your lower lip and expose any more tooth show. That simply doesn’t happen with vertical chin lengthening and is not a concern. But there are differences, however,  in how much vertical lengthening can be achieved by the two techniques. An implant can only lengthen the chin by being placed on the edge of the bone, creating a lengthening of maybe 2 or 3 mms. In contrast, an osteotomy can lengthen a chin up to 10 or 12mms which is a significant difference.

Square chin implant styles do exist but they will have only a minimal, if any, vertical lengthening effect.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana