What Is The Best Way To Lengthen My Chin And Bring it Further Forward?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, one year ago I underwent surgery for a medium chin implant and neck liposuction. Though I was initially pleased with the result due to the way the swelling made my chin look, after the swelling had subsided I was very disappointed with the outcome. I feel that my chin and jaw line are vertically short and that my chin is still a little bit horizontally short. Additionally, my jaw line lacks solidity and I think that my chin could stand to be a little wider/fuller. I have attached two photos of what my face currently looks like.

I would like to add roughly a 1/2 inch to my chin/jaw line vertically, as well as 3-5 mm horizontally (from where the current implant ends). I would like my jaw to angle down to my chin, so that the chin is lower than the rest of the jaw. As I previously mentioned, I would also like my chin to be a little bit wider and to add solidity to my jaw line as it gains fat easily.

In order to obtain the results that I desire and keep them long-term, what would be the best procedure for me? The three that I have been looking at are a sliding genioplasty, a geniomandibular implant with Gore-Tex strips or a custom jaw implant. Money is a little bit tight for me, so I’m hoping to avoid the custom jaw implant.

I appreciate your help and eagerly await your response,

A: I have taken a careful look at your photos and your desired aesthetic chin changes. While a custom implant is one method to achieve those changes, it is not the only way as you have pointed out and the cost of it eliminates it from consideration by your own admission.

Between a chin osteotomy and geniomandibular implants, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. A chin osteotomy (keeping the chin implant in front of it) would easily create 10mms of vertical lengthening, about 5mms of additional horizontal advancement and could be sectioned to create 5mms of horizontal expansion as well. It is done from the inside of the mouth and would actually be my preference in your case even over a custom chin implant. Geniomandibular groove implants could also provide up to 10mms of vertical lengthening and 5 to 7mms of horizontal widening as the implants can be placed with separation between the two sides. The problem with these implants is that you would only get about 2 to 3mms of additional horizontal advancement and your existing chin implant would have to be placed on top and in front of it to keep and enhance the horizontal projection that you already have. That is not a big problem, just that you have two implants stacked together. This procedure would need to be done from a submental skin incision from below the chin with a resultant scar.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana