What Is The Best Way To Have A Jaw Angle Implant Revision Done?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I wanted to ask you a quick question regarding jaw implants revision. I  am a 29 year old male and have had silicone jaw and chin implants placed previously. I am very happy with them, however, as time has gone on I feel like the jaw implants could be slightly larger in width(1-2 mm each side at most). I am perfectly happy with the chin implant.  I know you had said this desire for further augmentation is a common occurrence among young men and clearly you were right. I guess my question is a two part question. The first question is if fillers can address the slight augmentation desired, and if so which filler should be used? Any risks associated with this since there is a pocket and an implant already there? The second question is that were you to suggest surgery, would it be a very difficult procedure to remove just the jaw implants and replace them after nearly 3 years? I would of course like to do this as minimally invasive as possible. 

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and providing this valuable advice.

A: Whle you certainly can have fillers done, I dount they will be very satisfying in the long run. Since you have jaw angle implants in place, it would be important to make sure that the injections avoid violating the implant capsule under the muscle. I don’t think the type of injectable filler used matters , they all will work. The injection technique is more important that want is placed.

For a permanent increase in jaw angle width, you can either replace the implants you have or use a wafer or wedge technique to augment what is in place alreasy. It is much easier that the first jaw angle implant surgery as you have an established pocket to do either. The simplest, and probably the most the most effective to do what you want accomplsih is the wafer method. This is where a wafer of implant material is put behind the existing implants to create the increased thickness. This does not necessitate the need to remove the implants, merely lift them away from the bone to slide the wagfer of extra material.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana