What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Roll Of Skin Above My Belly Button, Liposuction Or A Mini-Tummy Tuck?

Q: Dr. Eppley, what I would like to know is would liposuction and laser treatment to tighten abdomen area help with my problem area?  I seem to have small area over belly button that has always been there even when I lose and get almost too skinny for frame.  My skin on lower abdomen seems to be fine its tight when I stand but when I sit it gets kind of mushy with the rest of stomach.  I just have a hard time fathoming the fact that I would need a tummy tuck it’s not huge like some peoples I have seen.  I have had two pregnancies but no C-sections. Thank you so much!

A: In looking at our pictures, I can appreciate the slight quandry you have being uncertain whether liposuction alone or a mini-tummy tuck is needed. As a general rule, when you see a roll of skin above the bellybutton that is a sign of skin excess that can really only be flattened by a mini-tummy tuck. Since a mini-tummy tuck loosens and repositions the belly button from underneath, the roll of skin above is stretched out and moved lower which is how it gets ‘removed’. However, when your lower abdomen is in good shape (no excess skin) and the roll of tissue above the bellybutton is as much fat as skin, then liposuction alone is a viable treatment. In your case, I would have laser liposuction alone accepting that the postoperative flatness will be much improved even if it is not ‘washboard’ tight.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana