What Is The Best Way To Eliminate The Visible Margins Of My Tricep Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had the tricep implants in the attached photos 3 years ago (subfascial) and I have not had a chance to change them yet- unfortunately the margins can be seen. 

I’ve been reading one of your articles on tricep implants- https://exploreplasticsurgery.com/technical-strategies-triceps-implants/?doing_wp_cron=1619401676.5458180904388427734375

As it says in the article, the implants are placed sub-fascial (underneath the fascia, but above the muscle).

1) Which implant from implantech- does Dr Eppley use/recommend for tricep muscle implants?

One of the calf implants? 

Or one of the contouring blocks- style 1, or do you adapt style 3 which is a bicep implant for the tricep (like the attached photo)

2) Is it possible to place tricep implants sub-muscular instead of sub-fascia without nerve damage to better hide the margin of the implants

Many thanks,

A: To provide any improvement in the tricep implant edge visibility, you have two options:

1) Keep it in the subfascial space with an implant with the identical footprint by with a more feathered edge. (whether that is the same implant modified or a new one doesn’t matter…the key is an implant with an identical implant footprint)


2) A new implant in the submuscular space on the humerus bone. 

The problem with option #2 is that the external aesthetic effect would not be the same (it would be less because a smaller implant is needed) and there is always the potential albeit low risk of motor nerve injury.

Thus option #1 seems the best due to the least risk.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana