What Is The Best Way To Do Hip Augmentation, Implants or Injections?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have seen several doctors say they can use soft silicone implants to enhance the hips. I am also thinking the newer traditional butt implants can be shaped to be placed in the soft tissue “grove” of the hip found on most men, sometimes called “the boy dent”. Why would it not be possible to do? In my experience those who have gotten injectable silicone, most have never had a problem and they inject it below the facia on top of the muscle and a scar capsule is formed around the silicone. So why not place the implants either there or inside the muscle which are where some butt implants are placed now as seen on The Doctors.

A: I would not disagree with your contention for how hip implants can be used and placed. While there is no standard hip implants, ultrasoft buttock implants can be used as hip implants. You can not place them inside the muscle and the fascia overlying the hip musculature is very tight so the implant has to be placed on top of the fascia. But there is no reason why hip augmentation implant surgery can not be done

The problem with large volume silicone injections for body augmentation is that the material tends to migrate away from where you would want it to be. This would very likely happen in the hip area due to gravity. I would feel more confortable with actual implants rather than silicone injections for hip augmentation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana