What Is The Best Way To Correct My Facial Asymmetry At The Same Time As My Rhinoplasty?

Q:  I am trying to make my face symmetrical. My jaw is not aligned, making my mouth and smile crooked and my nose is wide with a pronounced bump. I have attached some pictures for you to evaluate, image, and give me recommendations as to what to do. Thanks!

A: An analysis of your pictures shows that you do have a deviated nose with a hump and a wide tip. But in addition, you have left facial hypertrophy. This is the origin of why you feel that your jaw and smile is crooked. The left side of your face, from the orbit down to the jaw angle is bigger and wider. This creates your facial imbalance/crookedness. I have done some imaging of your rhinoplasty, with and with adjustment of the left facial enlargement. In facial asymmetry it is always a question as to whether to build up the smaller side or reduce the bigger side. In your case, I think it is better to try and make the larger side smaller through cheekbone and jaw angle reduction. This is shown in your rhinoplasty front view imaging, both with and without it being done. From a side view, I have also added a small chin augmentation as your profile shows some mild horizontal chin deficiency.

I think the combination of rhinoplasty, cheekbone and jaw angle reduction and chin augmentation can make for a more symmetrical and balanced face. This will not change the asymmetry in your smile as that is soft tissue-based and can not be adjusted like the underlying harder facial structures.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana