What Is The Best Way To Build Up The Radix In A Rhinoplasty?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in a rhinoplasty to permanently build up my radix. I had some fillers placed in my radix and glabella a few months back, and I really liked the augmentation. Anyway, I’m intending to get a rhinoplasty to augment these areas permanently next year. As such, I was wondering if it were possible to do so and if so, what kind of material will be used? I understand that rib grafts are used for the bridge, but can it also be used for the radix/glabella? Secondly, I’m hoping to get a touch up with some fillers some time in December. Will it be fine for me to do so, or will repeated treatments of dermal fillers complicate the rhinoplasty?

A: A radix augmentation rhinoplasty can use either autogenous or synthetic materials. But, in my opinion, cartilage grafts are the best material to use for radix augmentation. They will hold up for the rest of your life without any risks of complications. The size of the radix defect and the volume needed will determine where the cartilage should come from. (i.e., donor site) While rib cartilage is always ideal in terms of unlimited volume, most radix augmentations can be done with septal or ear cartilage the vast majority of time. There is no problem with getting fillers again next month. It does not complicate placing a radix cartilage graft later.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana