What Is The Best Way To Bring My Chin Forward And Make It Wider?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I just want to have a strong chin and don’t want to narrow it, I think from side view my chin is receding and weak. Please take a look at my photos and give me some advices, what should I do with my chin , I want to bring it forward as much as possible and in your website I see amazing before and after photos, your work is very artistic. If I were in the US I would have flown to your clinic today but unfortunately I am far away and I can’t afford to come for a surgery. If you know someone in overseas who you think his work is excellent please recommend me so that I perform my chin surgery some months later. I may refer to any doctor based on your recommendation because I have trust and confidence in you. You know finding a good doctor is very important.

A: Based on your photos, your chin deficiency is very mild and you already have good chin width in the frontal view. I would recommend an implant as opposed to an osteotomy. This is the most assured way of getting better horizontal as well as transverse width increase. An osteotomy will bring your chin forward but will also make it more narrow as well. Otherwise, I have no surgeon recommendations for you in your part of the world as I simply do not know any surgeons either professionally or personally.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana