What Is The Best Type Of Skull Implant For Adult Scaphocephalic HeadShape?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am 26 years old and want to have surgery to reshape the skull, and I have deficiency in the anterior sides, and the head back from the top. (scaphocephaly) What is the best type of implant to do so? Plus what is the life span of the implant and the recovery time from the surgery. And what is the possibility of it moving or falling out of place. And knowing the scar, will it stay visible for a long time? 

A: Thank you for your inquiry. In answer to your skull implant questions:

1) The first place to start is to see some pictures of your head to determine its dimensional augmentative needs. Very often in adult scaphocephalic skull shapes a combination of sagittal ridge reduction with parasagittal-temporal augmentation is needed.

2) The type of implant material is one that can be designed from a 3D CT scan, can be placed through the smallest scalp incision possible, and is gentle on the oveyling scalp/hair follicles….the only material that meets all these needs is solid silicone in my experience..

3) Such skull implants last forever and can never degrade or breakdown.

4) Recovery time is about the resolution of swelling which takes about 2 to 3 weeks to largely appear more natural in appearance.

5) Placing such skull implants actually adds a layer of protection to the skull when exposed to trauma. Such implants can not be displaced or dislodged from almost any form of trauma to the head.

6) The scalp incisions used for skull implants are often fairly small and heal well with limited visible scarring.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana