What Is The Best Type Of Cheek Implant For Me?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I want cheek implants to help balance out my face. I have a strong jawline but no cheekbone definition whatsoever. I think that some type of a cheek implant would help balance out my face a bit more. However, I don’t want the implants on the apples of my cheeks but just on the top of my cheekbones to give me a more defined face. Is this possible? I’ve seen some awful examples of cheek implants where the apples of the cheeks have ended up looking way too large for the face they were on.

 A: Choosing the placement and size of cheek implants is critically important in obtaining an improved but natural looking result. It would be essential to know exactly what part of the cheek you want augmented and a feel for how much volume you like. If in doubt, you should first try an injectable filler to get the exact location identified and make sure you like the result. The cheek area is one of the aesthetically sensitive facial areas and quite frequently poor results happen because of improper implant style and/or size selection. Cheek implants are a good example where a little volume goes a long way.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana