What Is The Best Treatment For My Sagging Jowls and Neck?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in getting rid of my sagging jowls and neck. Do you think Thermage or radiofrequency treatments would work? If not, would you recommend a lifestyle lift or a mini lift? What about laser tightening for face & neck vs these lifts?

A: While I have never seen what you look like, I can only speculate about your neck and jowl concerns. However, almost any patient that I have ever seen with a sagging jawline and neck rarely would benefit significantly by any non-surgical or non-invasive treatment method. By and large, the use of non-surgical methods of neck and jowl improvement produce very minimal benefits and most patients would consider them unsatisfactory. They are best used when the patient has a very minimal problem or when the patient is fairly young with just the very beginning of any sagging. Most certainly, what often is paid for the hope of some of these non-surgical methods would have been better invested in a surgical solution. In short, any non-surgical method of jowl and neck tightening does not compare to the results achieved by more conventional surgical techniques.

There is no difference between a Lifestyle Lift, minilift or any other branded and marketing name for an operation that has been around for decades…a reduced version of a facelift. 

It is understandable why patients seek anything but surgery for their aging concerns of their lower face, but they often end up chasing a solution that does not exist…and waste money along the way.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana