What Is The Best Treatment For My Forehead Indentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have bone loss in my forehead. One dent is under my hairline going horizontally. It is approximately an inch and a half long (horizontally) and maybe an inch wide.There is another one going down vertically from that one that has now run into the first one that is approximately an inch long and perhaps 3/4 inch wide. Sort of a T shape, see photo. Slightly more to the left than the center of my forehead. I noticed these approximately 15 months ago and they have become larger. My doctor says it is bone loss that we all get with aging. I have osteoporosis. I’m wondering what can be done about this? I’m very concerned that they will keep getting larger. In your experience, what do you think the likely hood of that they will get larger? Thank you.

A: First it is extremely unlikely those forehead indentations are from bone loss. Regardless of how osteoporotic one is or their age you don’t get localized bone loss at random forehead areas. That is simply not biologically possible. These are discrete areas of soft tissue loss. Second, whether they will get larger I can not say. Third, the proper treatment is far injections to help restore lost soft tissue volume.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana