What Is The Best Shape For Male Forehead Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in forehead augmentation but I am unsure what the ideal is so I want to ask you the expert. What in your opinion is the ideal forehead shape? I have two thoughts:

1) A strong straight vertical type forehead with no brow ridge, just straight up and down and no sloping,


2) a straight forehead but with a visible supraorbital ridge which extends from side to side in a slight curve (long sunset stretched half oval shape) but still straight forehead?

What in your view is the best forehead shape for a man? Because I want to come get implant with you soon.

A: When it comes to the ideal male forehead shape it is largely a personal preference. In my extensive experience performing male forehead augmentation the most common desire is to have a slight slope to the forehead (almost straight) and a visible brow bone break. I would view the straight vertical nature of the male forehead as more important than the brow bone break. But either type of forehead shape can be designed into a custom implant if one chooses that type of forehead augmentation or applied with that shape if bone cements are intraoperatively applied.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana