What Is The Best Shape For Bicep Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, you have quite rightly said the only suitable options for a bicep implant are the Implantech contoured carving block as I do not want to go down the custom implant route.

1) Why is CCB style 3 more suitable than CCB style 1 for sub-fascia bicep implants? Is just the feather edges that make it more suitable not it’s shape?

2) And do you tend to use CCB style 3 for subfascial bicep implants instead of CCB style 1 if the patient opts not to go down the custom implant route?

I do recognize that CCB style 3 already has feathered edges whereas style 1 would require a hand made feather edge to be made with a scalpel. 

A: In answer to your bicep implant questions:

1) The preformed featured edges of the implant are key. You just can’t hand carve those into the implant in any smooth and even fashion. That is why CCB style 3 is used as a standard bicep implant.

2) Also CCB style 3 has the maximum height centered on the implant which is how a bicep implant should be shaped. CCB 1 does not.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana