What Is The Best Midface Augmentation Procedure(s) To Improve My Flat Face Appearance?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m an Asian American and I’ve been thinking of a few cosmetic procedures to enhance my flat face and that is rhinoplasty and midface augmentation.I’ve decided to go with the midface first. Being that, I’d like to know your inputs on the area of my midface that needs to be augmented for a more chiselled, three-dimensional look. I know that there a few parts to the midface – premaxillary and maxillary area for the anterior cheek ( I may be wrong on that ). So with that being said, what would you say about having both paranasal and malar implants done together? (for the case that I may need both) Would that cause a great incremental change in my facial projection compared to just one procedure done?

A: In looking at your face, which is not atypical for many Asian males, you might consider a somewhat different approach. The best procedures for ‘pulling your face out’ (increasing midfacial projection is a rhinoplasty combinjed with paranasal implants. It is very difficult to give much definition to broad wide cheeks without burying the rest of the midface behind them. (making the nose look even smaller) Look at the imaging I have attached to see what effect is created by initially pulling the nose and its base out. With your specific facial shape, this is where the real value is in any plastic surgery for you. The cheeks can be enhanced by probably not in the ideal chiselled fashion that you seek, I don’t think that is realistic for your face.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana