What Is The Best Method To Keep My Cheek Implants From Moving After Surgery?

Q: I am going to get cheek implants but am concerned about them moving around afterwards. I am an extremely athletic person who works out a lot. This involves running and jumping around a lot. I do participate in conatct sports such as basketball and flag football. However, I don’t do boxing and am not planning to get punched in the face. (who does really?)  My cheek implants will be the Conform malar shell type so they are not small. Do you think just suturing them in is enough or should they be secured with screws. Which method is best for me?

A: What makes cheek implants different from other facial implants is their bony position. Sitting on the side of the cheek bone, with no bone support underneath them, makes them more prone than many other facial implants to shifting or malpositioning. This risk is magnified by their path of insertion from inside the mouth which opens up the southern avenue for shifting. While most cheek implants do not experience these problems, the risk is not zero. Because of this concern, it is my preference to almost always screw fixation for cheek implants. This makes me feel the most comfortable that the postoperative risk of implant shifting is virtually eliminated. the appeal to me of screw fixation is that it is also easy to do, involves no risk, is done at minimal extra cost, and adds essentially no extra time to complete the procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana