What Is The Best Method To Correct My Vertical Orbital Dystopia?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have orbital bone asymmetry that I am looking to correct. Your website shows similar case in another patient that was able to be correct. I live out of state from your location and am trying to look into pricing for this procedure and also how to plan for an out of state procedure.

A: Thank you for your inquiry and sending your picture. You have a left vertical orbital dystopia. In such cases the ideal approach is a custom orbital floor/rim implant made from the patient’s 3D CT scan. Such a scan will help also determine if the magnitude of the deformity requires a true custom implant or whether another material, like hydroxyapatite cement, could be effective by intraoperative placement and shaping. With this orbital bone augmentative approach, many times eyelid adjustments may also need to be done as the eye raises up.

The 3D CT scan can be obtained where you live and you can then mail the disc to me for review. My assistant Dawn can provide information as how to find an imaging center close to you. Once an imaging center has been located, we will fax the order to them for you to get it done.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana