What Is The Best Method For Sculptra Facial Removal?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had Sculptra injections to restore mid-facial volume and help correct nasolabial folds. The lower face/jaw was not supposed to be touched, heaviness in front of ear to chin under my cheek bone (if you can still see my cheek bones).  Attached is a front/right/left side photos of today.

A: Thank you for sending your before and after  facial pictures. What I would say is that in general the injected material did what it was supposed to do…fill out your face. But it is just too much of a good thing so to speak. You really have two options at this point:

1) Wait it out until the Sculptra eventually absorbs. It may take 12 to 15 months but it will eventually happen.

2) Through facelift incisions excise the thickened scar tissue over the undesired areas of the lateral face and jaw angles.

While options #1 is not very time efficient it is the non-invasive and will be effective. Option #2 while effective is invasive but is more time efficient.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana