What Is The Best Method For My Brow Bone Reduction…Shaving or Bone Flap Setback?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I want to ask you just a very quick question about brow bone reduction surgery. I have seen all articles on your website related to this – brow reduction, contouring, augmentation etc. In my case it has to be definitely just brow bone reduction (like on the first picture you send me) But would you take a look at my picture again and tell me which method could work best for me. If it´s with a complete bone flap or without complete bone flap replacement, or even if in my case 2 mm endoscoping shaving can´t be enough. I don´t know, tell me which method you think could be best for me,,, and then we can set the conversation and plan the surgery, because I´m from Europe so it´s little complicated these times.

A: The brow bones are caused by an over expansion/aeration of the underlying frontal sinus cavity…thus much of the central brow bone is ‘air’ and only a thin covering of bone exists over it. Thus only 1 to 2mms of bone can be removed by shaving since one will thereafter create a large bone defect. Shaving would only be effective in your case if you were willing to accept half or less of the current imaged result. This is why the bone flap technique is almost always the best for men.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana