What Is The Best Method For Forehead Augmentation?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I am interested in having a more round forehead appearance. It is too flat and doesn’t seem to fit the rest of my face. I would like to know the best method for forehead augmentation; fillers, implant, or bone grafts. Thank you!

A: Thank you for your inquiry and sending your pictures. I can clearly see that there is a disproportion between the projection and shape of your forehead (and the upper portion of your nose, the frontonasal junction) compared to the rest of your face. Your entire lower forehead and brow needs to be built out, including an upper nasal (bridge-frontonasal junction) augmentation. I have done some imaging to show what that would look like based on the one photo that you have sent. Forehead augmentation can not be done with fillers, bone grafts or preformed synthetic implants. It requires a moldable cranioplasty material that is specifically moldeded in surgery to the desired forehead shape and allowed to harden. The two basic types of cranioplasty materials are hydroxyapatite and acrylic. (PMMA) Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Because of your recessed forehead/brow area, the nasal junction of the forehead is severely recessed. That would need to be built up with a small bridge implant placed through the inside of the nose. If not done, building up the forehead/brow will make that area look even more recessed inward.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana