What Is The Best Method For Brow Augmentation?

Q: I am a 24 yr. old Asian female interested in augmenting my brow line.  I’ve attached a photo of myself and another person with a protruding brow line.  I don’t expect to look like the second photo after surgery but I’m using it to get my idea across. About a year ago, I had fat injections to my eyebrow area, but I saw little to no results after the procedure.  Now I am considering different options for more noticeable results.  The other options I am considering are – implants, bone graft, bone cement, or filler. I would like to know if you’ve performed these procedures and I have a few questions concerning them:

  • Where will the incision be?
  • What is the possibility of infection?
  • Is there the risk of facial nerves being damaged during the procedure?

Thank you in advance,

A: I have performed brow and forehead augmentation/cranioplasty with numerous materials over the years. In answer to your questions regarding brow augmentation:

1) You can look like the picture if you want. It is all a matter of how much material is added. There is not much limit to what can be added.

2) A scalp or coronal incision is used for access to the brows.

3) Infection is always a possibility but rare in scalp procedures. So rare that I have not seen it in my practice career.

4) There is no risk of facial nerve injury.

Also, without question, cement is what you want to use for brow augmentation. Not implants or bone grafts. Cements can be molded and shaped to the bone and are permament.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana