What Is The Best Material For My Chin Implant Replacement?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I supposedly have a Peek chin implant, it does not project enough and is skewed pointing off to my left. I would like my chin to be symmetric with more outward projection. It was interesting that you wrote that the flesh adheres more readily to the Medpor implant as apposed to Peek, as I feel that this could/might also produce a better outcome (my bottom lip has no overhang anymore and when my mouth is relaxed all my lower teeth and gums show). Could you please tell me my options, thank you.

A: The outcome from any facial implant surgery, chin implants included, are based on the shape and size of the implant not its material composition. Material composition of an implant affects how it is inserted and removed but not its aesthetic outcome.

Thus when considering a new chin implant the key issue is the exact shape and dimensions of what lies in you now. Knowing the exact dimensions of what you have is invaluable information in how to design an implant with better dimensions for your needs. Any PEEK implant would have to be custom made and thus there would be an implant design file for it. I would need to know more about your existing chin implant. Your implanting surgeon should have this information.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana