What Is The Best Material For Customized Cheek Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley I would like to place Medpor implants for customized cheekbones (64x19x7), because I want a significant increase in cheeks, but I am afraid of the risk of infections so I wonder would it be better to choose implants silicone, but I’m afraid that they will move because I lead a very active life. So could you tell me which type of implant is the least likely to become infected over time and which is the least likely to move. 

Thank you. 

A: The use of standard implants for customized cheek augmentation would not be considered truly custom as they are standard implants. Before considering an implant material the first question is what is the aesthetic cheek augmentation goals and what shape and size of implant can best achieve them. Then and only then does the consideration of implant material become relevant.

With proper technique and screw fixation the risks of migration and infection are not really different between the two materials. What really counts is which material can provide the best chance of a successful aesthetic result… and….how easy or hard is it going to be if a need for revision and/or removal is needed in the future. (which is a 20% to 30% risk in bilateral facial implant surgery) 

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana