What Is The Best Jaw Angle Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Given your vast experience within every type of jaw implant, and all the designs on implantech are made by you, I thought it would make sense to ask you these questions.

Out of the standard implants, I noticed in a previous blog you had mentioned you would not recommend the conform mandibular angle implant (CMA) for the given male model look that the question was asking and would rather go for the widening angle implant (WMA). My 1st question is, what instance would make the CMA an appropriate implant? Given you said it gives a rounder/ fatter shape of the jaw which is usually undesired for people going for this type of surgery. My 2nd question, is in your experience have you found that the WMA is harder to attach and higher chance of migration than the CMA since it lacks the inner piece that looks into the jaw angle? (I have attached a photo of the CMA and highlighted in yellow the part I am talking about) Lastly, what is your preferred off the shelf implant design from implantech when trying to achieve a more defined angle, from the front and highlighting the jaw line from the side as well?

Thank you so much for your time

A: You have to separate whether one is trying to achieve primarily a widening effect or a vertical lengthening effect when choosing a jaw angle implant style. Your question appears to be directed to the former to which the WMA style has a more pronounced and lower jaw angle shape. I have only designed the WMA and VLA implants for the specific reason that these are my preferences for these two jaw angle augmentation effects.

Proper placement and prevention of migration has nothing to do with implant designs. Those issues are ones of surgical technique and experience.

The jaw angle implant picture you have attached and the highlighted yellow areas at its perimeter is an original jaw angle implant design from the early 1990s…with the flawed premise that this rim of material will catch the edge of the bone and hold it into place. Fixation today is more assured using screws and does rely on implant design which does not work.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon