What Is The Best Injectable Filler For Glabellar Wrinkles?

Q: Hi there. I see that you list Evolence filler on your website and wondered if you are still offering this? Also, do you offer Selphyl (“filler” using patient’s own blood plasma)? I am interested in these options for superficial glabellar wrinkles. I prefer using natural, non-toxic products. Botox is not something I am interested in at this time. Thanks!

A: The injectable filler Evolence has been pulled from the market and discontinued from being manufactured by J & J in 2009.

Selphyl and Platelet-Rich-Plasma/Acell mixtures are procedures that I do but neither would be a good option for superficial facial wrinkles. That is not what they are intended to be used for as the needles for injections are bigger than that of the fine wrinkles.

For glabellar wrinkles, the use of any type of injectable filler, without prior treatment with Botox is a wasted effort and exactly the opposite of what should be done. You must first control the muscle activity first, otherwise the unchecked muscle motion will make the injectable filler disappear quite quickly. There are no permanent injectable fillers and muscle action working against them makes them dissipate much quicker than normal.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana