What Is The Best Implant Material For Jaw Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Thank you so much for your reply. The custom implant  approach sounds good . My doctor says He will use Goretex implant and craft the  implants right there during my surgery.  I also want to know is it possible to use Goretex or Medpor  because he mentioned  these material are more natural than Silicone and it will grow into my bone? Silicone will look more unnatural later on when body starts to  form capsule? Now i would like to know how soon can i get surgery done after first consultation?and how long does it take to make a custom jawline implant, I hope  one trip can do it all. Thank you.

A: The concept that Goretex or Medpor is more natural than silicone to the body is a completely bogus statement with no basis in scientific fact. Nor are they more natural or create a better facial look. In the end what matters is the shape and dimensions of the implant, that is the key.

The limitations of trying to patch a bunch of different implants together during surgery by hand to create a good result and have the right dimensions of the implant that is needed and symmetric for both sides, speaks for itself.

Biologically all implants produce a capsule (layer of encapsulating scar) around them, Medpor and Goretex are not different. Capsule formation is a normal reaction to any synthetic material placed in the body, and short of actual bone, all compositions of implants form an equal amount of capsular formation. To say that one implant material forms more or less scar than the other one fails to have adequate knowledge about the implantation healing process.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana