What Is The Best Form Of Liposuction For My Saddle Bags?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am 55 years old and am interested in getting my saddle bags reduced that have bothered me my entire life. I am concerned, however, that I may end up with skin that is saggy afterwards given my age and the little bit of cellulite that already exists there. What do you think about using Liposonix instead?

A: When you use the term Liposonix you are referring to an energy-based form of assisted liposuction just like Smartlipo or Vaserlipo. All use different energies to loosen the fat before it is suctioned out such as ultrasonic or laser energies. These are all forms of liposuction that pose the same risk of skin irregularities that any other traditional form of liposuction does, because the support of the skin is deflated as the fat is removed and the quality of your skin is not improving. Of all these energy-based liposuction methods, Smartlipo may be best because the heat that it generates in the treatment process may have some mild skin tightening benefits.

Dr. Barry Eppley