What Is The Best Cranioplasty Method To Fix The Flat Spot On The Back Of My Head?

Q: Hi Doctor Eppley. I’m a 19 years of age male and I have a mild flat spot on the back of my head. It’s not that bad but I would still like to know if it’s possible to treat it and be able to achieve good aesthetic results and shape it to be more round. Also, I have read some questions and answers of people that have have a similar problem, and you responded by saying that this problem can be treated by using regular cranioplasty making a large incision, or by injecting Kryptonite with a much smaller incision. What is the difference between the two, in terms of healing process, reliability, aesthetics? etc. Is the surgery going to leave any visible permanent scars? I’m really looking forward for your response.

A: By your own description, you have a mild depression on the back of your head. That would indicate that an open form of cranioplasty with causes a long scar would not be an appropriate solution. With that approach, the treatment may cause a worse aaesthetic problem (scar) than the area of skull flattening. That leaves you with the option of the injectable Kryptonite approach. That uses a very minimal incision and the resultant scar is never an issue. It is a minimalist procedure with very little reovery. The material sets up with the consistency of bone so it is very stable and impact resistant. The only potential issue with this approach is trying to get a nice smooth round profile which for just one side of skull flattening is very achievable.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana