What Is The Best Chin Implant To Use?

Q:  I have had a beard for years and now I have a job that will not allow facial hair. This has made my insecurities over my chin to resurface. I am especially interested in a chin implant. After review a lot of before and afters you have seemed to me to do the best work. What is the best type of chin implant ti use?

A: Facial hair on men provides uniqueness to one’s facial appearance and is often a fashion statement. Many times, however, facial hair serves as either a distraction or camouflage technique. This is especially true for upper lip and chin concerns in men. A beard or a goutee adds at least 5 to 8mm of pseudoprojection of the chin depending upon how long the hair is allowed to grow.

When it comes to chin implants, there is no one single style or type of material used that is the best. There are over a dozen chin implant styles, which initially seems confusing, but that allows for a chin implant style that goes best with a wide variety of chin concerns and objectives. Chin implants should be looked at as more than just providing horizontal projection. The frontal view of the chin and jawline should also be taken into consideration in term of vertical height and width of the chin area. It is important to go over all chin dimensions with your plastic surgeon so  the best chin implant style is chosen for you. When it comes to different materials of chin implants, there are certainly advocates for each type. I personally find the material composition of chin implants largely irrelevant and am more interested in making sure the style and the patients desires match the best.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana