What Is The Best Breast Implant For My Breast Augmentation?

Q: I would love to have breast augmentation before my 21th birthday which is later this spring. My preferred approach would be breast augmentation with an incision through armpit area But  I also considering the option of an inframammary incision using Memory gel breast implants. Which do you think would be better for me? Thank you.

A: Breast augmentation poses multiple choices for prospective patients to consider. These options are driven by implant choice which can secondarily control the placement of the necessary incision. Saline breast implants are often placed through a small armpit incision because they are inserted deflated and then inflated once into position. Silicone gel breast implants, unless they are very small, can not be placed through the ampit because they are inserted pre-filled or fully inflated. Thus, they are usually placed through a lower breast crease or inframammary fold incision.

But the incision is not the most important part of the breast augmentation procedure, the implant is. All incisions heal really well and are rarely of any secondary cosmetic consequence. Therefore, it is important to understand fully the differences between saline and silicone gel implants. While both work well and do an equally good job at making a larger breast, there are some important minor differences in them that are relevant in the long-term. This is especially pertinent to you at your young age since you will live to see them. These include such risks as implant deflation (saline) and silent rupture.  (silicone) You will be replacing these implants at least once on your long remaining lifetime so understanding these differences is important to you.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana